Events / Self Defense for Woman and Girls of the Jewish Community Nov 12


Learn to protect yourself and family from life threatening assault.  This is not a lecture.  It is actual training.  We have pads, and will spend time stretching with you.  For men, women, and children over the age of 10 yrs.

FREE TRAINING for WOMEN AND GIRLS of the Jewish community

It could happen anywhere, anytime. Do you know what to do?  Are you prepared?  Can your wife and children defend themselves? LIVE DEMONSTRATION AND PARTICIPATION How to deal with a mob surrounding your car? What if pushed off the sidewalk onto traffic? What if someone breaks into your home? How do you deal with a sexual assault? What if your hands and feet are tied? What if someone has a knife or gun? What if your car is being hijacked? What to do in workplace violence? Techniques from Former IDF Counter-Terrorist Expert DORON BENBENISTY, President of CRI Counter Terrorism Training. WHEN:  Sunday, November 12, 3 pm – 5 pm WHERE:  1574 Bozeman Dr, Henderson, NV 89012 RSVP REQUIRED FOR SECURITY REASONS
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