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Aryeh Avraham RifkinPesach in Vegas, Staff

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Aryeh is the President and Founder of SHABBAT INC, a 501c3 nonprofit.  A career CEO, Aryeh spent the last 33 years innovating across many fields, including: cutting edge software, social media, restaurants, mortgage banking firms, Real Estate development, architectural and engineering firms.  His businesses and innovations have been featured in hundreds of front page news and magazine articles, and attracted high profile C-level board interest from people like Tom Grimm (CEO of Sam's Club), Barry Silverman (President of Home Depot), Rich Takata (CEO of Eagle Hardware), Neal Naiker (VP of Best Buy), and Bob Flaherty (COO of Orco & HD Supply).

Aryeh started his first company at 15 - buying and selling cars and electronic equipment to pay his own way through private school.  As freshman in Rollins College (Winter Park), Aryeh started a magazine, which he sold, and shortly after obtained his mortgage and Real Estate licenses.  By 21, Aryeh was rated in the top 200 highest producing loan officers in the United States, and by 24 he owned his own mortgage banking firm with about 300 employees across all 50 states with 10 regional offices.  By 26, Aryeh became CEO of 1st Nations, which he grew from 4 employees to 126 branches across the country and became one of the largest lenders on the eastern seaboard.  Aryeh continued his mortgage career after relocating to California, opening 13 branches of his own.

Aryeh bought his first home at 18, and by 20 he purchased his first 43-unit condominium complex in Melbourne, Florida.  By 26, Aryeh had flipped about 90 properties.  In 2004, Aryeh began redeveloping residential neighborhoods in the prestigious town of Tiburon, Marin County, California, such as the 181 unit subdivision of Bel Aire Estates.  Aryeh's Real Estate development and mortgage banking experience put him on stage with Robert Kiyosaki (Rich Dad / Poor Dad), and many other speaking engagements.  Aryeh developed the first online mortgage calculator in the 1990's, which he sold in 2002.

Aryeh saw an opportunity in the bar and restaurant industry and built a chain consisting of 19 locations, each seating between 235 and 375 people.  The prototype in Littleton, Colorado had 80 micro-brewed beers on tap, a full liquor bar, and a full buffet with 50 different international pizzas with choice of 4 different crusts.  Aryeh has been an investor in several other hospitality businesses, integrating his experience in construction, finance, technology, and marketing.

In 2011, Aryeh was diagnosed with stage 4 laryngeal cancer and given 1 week to live unless he had a radical laryngectomy.  A career CEO, Aryeh lost his ability to speak, and his life shifted drastically.  During his recovery, Aryeh began to speak through social media, and pivoted towards technology.  Aryeh saw a future in social media.  He purchased the URL "www.socialdashboard.com" for $1,000, and developed a platform for social media management and content aggregation that grew to 143,000 users with daily traffic upwards of 54,000.  By 2014, the Company grew to a valuation of over $10M.  Aryeh developed software and mobile app titles including "Predictive Analytics", which accurately predicted results of likes, comments and shares based on age, sex, and geographical location, and "Solomon Chat," which predicted who a person needed to chat with and made live connections without user input based on his proprietary algorithm of behavior and real-time geolocation.

Aryeh conceived, innovated, and developed "Phaseline" software, which is a powerful tool combining project management, CRM, social media, job search, freelancing, and accounting / payroll.  Phaseline.net utilizes Aryeh's proprietary technique of reaching goals by planning phases and tasks.  Used throughout the architectural and engineering industry, Phaseline's methodology can be applied to anything from travel plans, education, medical, marriage, etc.

In 2018, Aryeh launched SKSI Plans & Permits, an architectural and engineering firm capable of doing business in all 50 US states.  He designed, innovated and built retail locations inside fashion malls.  It quickly became the on-site in-house vendor for Westfield Malls, Brookfield Malls, and was expanding to Simon, Macerich, and Starwood when Covid caused malls to shut down across the US.

Aryeh started becoming religious through Chabad in 2002, and supported several houses.  In 2014, Aryeh founded JACLA - Jewish Activities Center of Los Angeles, which grew to become the most active observant venue outside Israel in the world, producing 260 events in less than 2 years.  When Aryeh and his wife, Nurit Yael moved from Los Angeles to Las Vegas, he saw an opportunity to convert the light of the strip to Holiness by fusing the high quality venue space, accommodations and security with the ultimate in quality conservative content - specifically, SHABBATONS.  He founded THE SHABBAT INC, a 501(c)3 nonprofit, intending to make Shabbatonim a worldwide standard of quality and values.

Aryeh's first event was PASSOVER IN LAS VEGAS 2023.  Hashem made many miracles for it to occur.  About 600 Jews came together from a worldwide community for a 12-day celebration that brought light and Holiness to Sin City.  The Passover program proved to the most observant Jews that the strip can be fit for even the Superbowl of Holidays; and, it proved to resorts that Holiness can be financially rewarding.  Aryeh is on a mission, with G-d's help, to buyout a resort on the Las Vegas strip full-time, bringing a Shabbaton theme to the world stage.  THE SHABBAT'S new resort will feature multiple kosher restaurants, sound stages, convention space, Shabbos elevators, a tznius pool, and the highest level of security available.  It is the first nonprofit resort on the Las Vegas strip, and Aryeh intends to assist other resorts in Las Vegas and around the world to feature kosher food, entertainment and Shabbat-friendly accommodations.

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