1. Is it for singles or families?

The Shabbat Inc’s Pesach program has programs for singles, couples, and families. We are expecting about 400 singles and 600 married people plus about 500 children. We have programs for each group.
2. Do you have a kids’ program?
Yes! We have an enormous kids’ program! We set up an indoor playground that’s about 20,000 sq ft dedicated to kids and teens. It will have bouncy houses, games, music, learning, and group activities led by more than a dozen paid members of the community. Plus, there’s 7 pool areas each with multiple pools, an enormous gym, and next door is the Adventure Dome by Circus Circus with roller coasters and theme park rides.
3. Who is the rabbi?
We don’t just have one rabbi. The Shabbat Inc’s founder is Chabad but the organization uniquely welcomes many rabbaim to speak. Our program is kosher and observant enough for strict hashgafim but welcomes Jews of any level of observance.
4. Which nusach will the davening be?
The main minyan will be lead in Nusach Ari (Chabad) but if the need arises we can arrange for Ashkenazi, Sefarad, Sephardic minyanim. We will provide machzorim for all nuschaot.
5. What Chumashim will you have?
We are providing nusach Ari and Artscroll siddurim, and chumashim by Stone and Gutnick.
6. What if I want to cancel?

We adopted similar cancellation policies as the other Pesach programs. It can be found at Specifically #2 under Rental Deposits and Fees.

40% of balance due upon reservation; 40% of total balance is due by January 1, 2023; and final payment and any adjustments for each booking is due in full 45 days prior to check-in. Reservations must be paid via wire, check or credit card. Payments are fully refundable until January 1, 2023
7. What if I want to stay for only part of the program?

Our booking agreement with the hotel makes it difficult to only charge for a partial stay. However, we are offering a 5-day program.

8. What if I want to only come for meals and not stay in a room?

The package is for both meals and room. 

9. Can I pay extra to have a private seder room?
Yes! We have 8 private seder rooms for up to 30 people and can work something out for larger parties. The private seder room is a cost of $5,000
10. Is there a tea room? If so, what are the hours?
Yes! The tea room will be open from 8 am to 8 pm excluding meal times. It will be fully stocked with coffee, tea, beverages, fruit, desert, and all sorts of kosher-for-Pesach treats.
11. Are there kids meals?

Yes! We are offering a children’s menu!! We will release the menu in the 2nd or 3rd week in March.

12. Have we ran Pesach programs in the past?
Yes! This is the first Pesach program anyone has ever done on the Las Vegas strip, but our founder produced about 260 events averaging 500 Jews per week including Shabbatons. Many in our staff are also experienced at running and attending Pesach programs.
To ensure things run smooth – especially meals and services – we are partnered with RESORTS WORLD, one of the most well run resort establishments in the world.
13. What kind of crowd will there be (observance levels, dress, etc.)?
We are deliberately attracting a diverse mix of Ashkenaz, Sephard, and Chabad. If you’re Jewish, you’re welcome!
14. Is there separate swimming? Separate pools?
Oh yeah! The resort is famous for its 7 different pool areas for adults and children. Our guests can attend any of them and we have reserved one entire pool area only for men or women (alternating times) the entire stay.
15. How many people are expected to come?
We are expecting 400 singles and 600 married and about 500 children.
16. Where are people coming from?
People are registering from all over the world! You’ll get a chance to network with Jews you would not have otherwise met!
17. What is the Kashrus?
Glatt kosher Beit Yosef meat and cholav dairy. Our team of mashgichim are overseen by IKM – International Kosher Mehadrin. Rabbi Simpser, founder is personally involved with our program. He is the premier authority of koshering hotels in the world.
18. Is there Lubavitch/Chassidishe Shechita?
We decided to go with Beit Yosef because it’s good for most Chabad.
19. Is there Beit Yosef meat?
20. Is it non-Gebrochts?
21. Is kitniyos served?
No – meals will be kitniyos free. We expect many Sephardim will have kitniyos in their rooms, pool areas or any other public area just not in our tea room or dining ballrooms.
22. Is there a group rate?

Keep in mind we are a true non-profit 501c3 so we are writing you a 40% donation receipt. However, if you have a large group please reach out to our Director of Guest Relations- . Our staff will do their utmost to cater to your particular needs.

23. What is the Hashkafa of the program?
Our hashkafa is best described by our founders family which lives an equal distance from Chabad, the Kollel and Sephardi shul. Orthobad?
24. Are there food alternatives for people with allergies (dairy, gluten, eggs, nuts, etc.)?
If we know in advance I’m sure our chefs can prepare meals at least some of the plated meals. Please be sure to convey your needs in advance, then at arrival, and again with senior management of the event.
25. Is the hotel and premises Shabbos and yom-tov friendly?
RESORTS WORLD is one of the largest resort campuses in Las Vegas. It is also the newest and most expensive to build at $4.3B. THE SHABBAT INC entered partnership with RESORTS WORLD to exclusively provide Shabbos elevators, disabling sensor-activated sinks and toilets in some public areas, and a kosher kitchen. There are over 4,300 guest rooms at the resort, which consists of 3 hotels. We have a section of the hotel, resort and meeting rooms that is exclusively for us.
We personally confirmed that most of the doors entering / exiting the main entrance, pool areas, spa and workout facilities do not have sensors or require a keycard.
26. Is there a halachically-acceptable Shabbos elevator?
Yes! We coordinated with hotel management and Otis Elevator company to program automatic elevators per halachic requirements. We will also have elevators operated by gentiles for those who hold that sufficient.
27. Are there stairs to the rooms?
Stairs are problematic because there are no door knobs going up = only down. However, there are no restrictions on opening the doors for our guests. As in most cases, Jews using hotel stairs anywhere outside Israel encounter a learning curve by hotel staff and security.
28. Is there an Eruv Chatzeros to let me carry from the room and within the hotel?
29. Ways of accessing doors to the rooms given electronic lock and key card
Sleeping rooms are keycard only. However, during yom tov and Shabbos we will have gentiles on each floor to assist with opening rooms
30. Can I stay through the Shabbos after Pesach?
Absolutely! For a small fee of $2,000 per adult we will provide kiddush, meals, tea room, sleeping rooms and Shabbos elevator Friday, April 14 to Sunday, April 16. We will provide siddurim, chumashim and sefer Torahs and will figure out who will lead services closer to the event.
31. Is there a mikveh in the community?
Yes! Las Vegas is said to have the fasted growing Jewish community in the world. There are a few mikvahs within 20 minutes of the hotel.
32. What kind of people are registering?
Jewish (haha). We are registering families and singles of all ages who are Sephardic and Ashkenazi – some have expressed they are Chabad.
33. What % are modern Orthodox?
Our event program is designed deliberately to attract a wide variety of orthodox observance.
34. Is it Chabad?
No, we are in no way affiliated with Chabad but we are on parallel Missions. The difference between Chabad and THE SHABBAT INC is they bring Jews closer to Torah whereas we bring Jews closer together. We work with all Jewish organizations.
35. Are we getting people outside North America?
Oh yes, we have some from Australia, S. Africa, all throughout Europe, Canada and the Americas … basically all over the world.
36. How many years have we been running programs?
Our founder has been around hosting all his life. His parents house was the camp of the community, and he has organized and been part of organizing community and business programs for more than 30 years. He hosted over 260 kosher events averaging over 500 people per week including many chassidim and chachamim.
37. What is your hashgacha?
THE SHABBAT INC’S kosher supervision is under IKM – INTERNATIONAL KOSHER MEHADRIN. Specializing in the oversight over hotel events, IKM is founded by Rabbi Berel Simpser who has 30 years extensive leadership in the OU, CRC, ORB and STAR-K, and wrote the online coursework for the kosher manufacturing industry and leads on-site Kosher training workshops for the staff of major resort chains.
Rabbi Simpser is a musmach of Yeshiva V’Kollel Ramach (Rabbi Zweig’s Yeshiva in Miami). He also studied at Yeshivas Rabbi Yitzchok Elchonon (Y.U.) and Ner Israel Rabbinical College in Baltimore. He founded the Community Kollel of Des Moines in 1999, established Aish MN in 2006, and currently lives in Florida where he learns in Kollel.
He is one of the most experienced Rav Hamachshirim in the areas of hotel Kashrus and kosher cruising, having supervised close to 50 Pesach programs, 30 cruises, as well supervising large venues (5000+ attendees) such as the North American Federation’s General Assembly 5 day convention.
INTERNATIONAL KOSHER – MEHADRIN has a staff of seasoned Rav Hamachshirim, most with multi-decade experience in Kashrus, who oversee programs for Pesach, Sukkot, Yeshiva week, destination events, private groups and more throughout North America, Mexico, Cuba, Panama, Greece, UAE and the Caribbean.
38. Is there a Sefardi minyan?
We have no problem with break-out minyanim. Davening is between each individual and Hashem. We encourage everyone to doven with a minyan.
39. How big are the rooms?
RESORTS WORLD offers three levels of room quality. Hilton, Conrad and Crockfords. The standard Conrad is considered a 4-star by the hotel standards but 5-star in comparison with other 5-star resorts. The rooms are pretty large and the windows go from floor to ceiling to give you a stunning view of Las Vegas. The rooms are also brand new. Las Vegas is known for its extraordinarily high standards in hospitality, and RESORTS WORLD is known as one of the best.
40. Are the Sedarim communal or each table and family for themselves
Many people will want to go at their own pace but we invite you to participate in our Haggadah show. We developed a program with professional singing and reenactment of the Haggada stories.
We have 8 spaces that can be reserved for private parties up to 30 people, and can do larger seders depending on you requirements.
41. Where is the company based?
Our founder and his wife live in the Summerlin Jewish community. They live between Chabad of Summerlin, the Kollel and Bet Yossef – the Sephardi shul – and they walk to all of them depending on the occasion and invitation.
42. Who is the rabbi in charge?
THE SHABBAT INC is in the business of providing a Shabbaton experience with the highest standards of kashrus and welcomes a variety of rabbaim to attend and speak at our program.
43. What are the suite prices? How many doe they sleep?
We have a limited number of suites we can offer for a premium of $4,000.
44. What are the suite configurations? Do you have pictures and room layouts?

Yes, let me share a photo .

45. What organization is hosting this program?
The Shabbat Inc, 501c3 Nonprofit is on a Mission to bring Jews together from around the world.

Every other Pesach program is for profit once a year. Pesach 2023 kicks off our year-round Shabbaton program. We are priced competitively but our program is 40% tax deductible and profits go back into the community. 

46. How many people does a suite sleep?
4-6 people
47. Why Las Vegas?
No other city on Earth hosts large crowds with extraordinarily high quality accommodations and entertainment than Las Vegas. It is the leading resort destination in the world and we partnered with RESORTS WORLD, the newest, largest and most expensive resort in Vegas.
48. How do you know how many people you’re going to have?
We are expecting over 1,000
49. If this is your first year?
This is the first Pesach program anyone has ever done on the Las Vegas strip, but our founder produced about 260 events averaging 500 Jews per week including Shabbatons. Many in our staff are also experienced at running and attending Pesach programs.
50. How will the food will work if there will be kids foods? Will there be snacks for the kids in afternoon?
We will have a special kid’s menu and the tea room will have snacks for everyone.
51. How’s the food quality?
You can expect true 5-star catering. RESORTS WORLD is providing their world famous chef, kitchen and wait staff throughout the event. They are working with our mashgichim to develop a totally unique menu worthy of their superior reputation. We will finalize the menu by the 2nd week in January after we see how many singles, couples and children are attending. We are also listening to requests from our guests.
52. How will you prevent your event from running out of food?
We are aware other events around the world have had issues running out of food. We have not spared any expense and anticipate having extra food at the end, which we donate to feed people in need.
53. How many people do you need to run the program- how will it work if you don’t have enough?
Our support staff is enormous. We are hiring an abunding event staff, and our partnership with RESORTS WORLD provides an elastic crew of whatever is needed to accommodate guests.
54. Who will be managing the event, especially kids’ activities?
As a reputable nonprofit we are hiring within the observant community to manage kids and adult activities.
55. Are there a lot of people signing up already?
Yeah, it’s a bit of a madhouse. We’re selling out quickly. I don’t think any other program in the world has as many daily activities.
56. How many people can you accommodate in one room? What are the availability of rooms?
We expect children to stay with their parents in a premium room, and we expect many singles will opt for double occupancy. There are enough rooms to accommodate our expected crowd.
We understand some teens and singles will want their own room. We are only charging $2k for an extra room.
57. Also how much of a deposit do you need? And what is the schedule for payment? Can you pay on a credit card?
40% of balance due upon reservation; 40% of total balance is due by January 1, 2023; and final payment and any adjustments for each booking is due in full 45 days prior to check-in. Since it’s after January 1 80% is required. However, you can cancel up until February 18 an receive a 50% refund.
Reservations must be paid via wire, check or credit card. Payments are fully refundable until January 1, 2023
58. What is included in a suite?
Bar / lounge area with couches, and a much larger bathroom
59. What activities are included?
All the activities in the brochure that are listed in the schedule are includes for the price of your ticket.
For those who wish to explore Vegas’s world famous shows we may be able to provide a discount code.
60. Is this truly a 5-star hotel?
RESORTS WORLD is beyond 5-star. It is the newest, largest and most expensive cost to build ($4.3 Billion) resort in Las Vegas, which is the premium resort city in the world. It is absolutely considered a 5-star resort. Our section of RESORTS WORLD is in the Conrad, which is 5-star quality by any other standard. If you want to go beyond you can upgrade to Crockfords for truly royal treatment (however, Shabbos elevators are only available in the Conrad wing.

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